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Platter HB 553 - Decor 054-1

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Decor 054-1
Height: 2.5 cm, Width: 24.0 cm, Length: 24.0 cm, Weight: 1.0 kg
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Platter HB 553

The plate by Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "553" is also familiar to the employees of the Marwitz Ceramic Manufactory under the name "Cabaret Tray". The square shape is characteristic. 24 centimeters long and just as wide, the one kilogram heavy and two centimeter high plate is one of the very large ones in Hedwig Bollhagen's assortment. And it is also flexible in use: in a five-piece set, the square tray can be combined with four smaller, square bowls. This serving platter is not only an all-purpose weapon that can be used flexibly in everyday life, but also attracts all eyes otherwise.