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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ  Hedwig Bollhagen


F: Are Hedwig Bollhagen ceramics dishwasher safe?

A: Our ceramics are dishwasher safe. The decors are painted into the glaze of faience and baked at 1080 degrees. At Varius / Ritz, painting is done on the shards, i.e. under the glaze.


F: At what temperature can Hedwig Bollhagen's ceramics be put in the oven?

A: Our ceramics are fired at 1080 degrees and can therefore be used in the oven at 280 degrees. Ceramic is not resistant to thermal shock. Tip from our side: Please do not put the ceramics in the already preheated oven, but rather heat the oven together with the ceramics to prevent craquelure cracks (fine hairline cracks in the surface).


F: What does B-stock or second choice mean?

A: Kiln sorting Unique item with possible strong color changes, matt glaze areas due to excessive paint application. Pinholes due to impurities in the clay or an infestation (grains) of dirt particles on the glaze. Unique and incomparably beautiful.


F: Is the B-goods marked separately?

A: B-stock or second choice is not marked separately, but is repriced and stored for sale directly from the kiln sorting department in quality control to our B-stock warehouse.


F: Does the HB 2 label under the product mean 2nd choice or B-goods?

A: The painted number and the ligature HB do not mean 2nd choice but rather indicate the number of the painter. Each painter has their own number. (1-99)


F: Is it possible to order spare parts (lids, base parts, etc.) individually?

A: It is possible to order spare parts, e.g. Saucer or Dekcel etc. . For this please contact directly Requests. So that there are no discrepancies, please ideally include the shape number and decor number and, alternatively, a picture.


F: Where can I find the factory outlet?

A: The only factory outlet is located directly at the factory in Marwitz.


F: Can you take a look at the factory or paint ceramics in the factory?

A: We regularly offer open workshop days, factory tours and creative time out to paint the ceramics. You can find the dates below


F: Why do the decors sometimes differ slightly, even with A-ware?

A: All ceramics are made and painted by hand - therefore each one is unique.


F: What are the most famous works by Hedwig Bollhagen?

A: Hedwig Bollhagen is known for her handmade, hand-painted ceramic works. Her best-known works are the so-called “Hedwig Bollhagen unique pieces” such as vases, bowls, plates and jugs. Her ceramic works with black and white geometric patterns are particularly famous.


F: Is Hedwig Bollhagen's ceramics still available today?

A: Yes, Hedwig Bollhagen's ceramics are still available today. The Hedwig Bollhagen ceramics factory continues to produce its signature handmade ceramic pieces, which are available in many shops and galleries.