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Painting ceramics

Painting ceramics – in the HB workshops for ceramics

As you probably know, we manufacture all of our ceramics using traditional methods. And of course that also applies to the decors in our Fayence, Purum, Ritz and Varius collections. Some of our ceramic specialists were trained by Hedwig Bollhagen himself. HB still feels committed to your high quality standards. Would you like to lend a hand and paint high-quality ceramics? We offer our guests and customers workshops on ceramic painting. Look over the shoulders of proven ceramics experts at work and learn how to paint like a professional. Our hands-on workshops are very popular and you are always welcome. Book yours now Kerammalen-Workshop.

Why not stop by the open day and take a look at our traditional studios. Our ceramic production has aroused your interest? Then we would be happy to invite you to one factory tour a. Find out on site how the finest ceramic arts and crafts have been created in our ceramic workshops since 1934. From tranquil Marwitz in Brandenburg, the HB brand, Made in Germany, has made a name for itself that is recognized worldwide.