The storage box by Theodor Bogler - The Bauhaus original

The storage box by Theodor Bogler was designed in 1923 for the first Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar, where it was the first reference object of the ceramic workshop. It belongs to the kitchen set of the revolutionary kitchen of the model house "Haus am Horn". In addition to a large storage box Bogler also designed a small storage box for spices as well as a bottle for vinegar and oil. Common to all items is the lettering, which determines the contents of the vessel in a specially developed typography. The original logos were researched through elaborate research and brought on the vessel with the same procedure as the former manufacturer Velten Vordamm. The Bogler storage box has lost none of its relevance and practicability. Following all Bauhaus principles, it belongs in times when sustainability plays a big role in every kitchen of a conscious design lover.

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