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Plate HB 1065 - Decor 050-1

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Decor 050-1
Height: 2.0 cm, Weight: 0.17 kg
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Coffee set 6 pcs HB 490
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Coffee set 12 pcs HB 1065
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Plate HB 1065

The dessert plate from Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "1065" not only impresses with its simple and clear shape. The plate, which weighs 170 grams and is two centimeters high, is made of extremely robust ceramic and is also intended for spirited, multifunctional use in everyday life. With a diameter of just 15 centimeters, it is admittedly one of the smallest series plates in Hedwig Bollhagen's range. But the 1065 dessert plate has what it takes to be both a cake plate and a fondue plate. One thing is for sure, its timeless aesthetics give every dessert plate from Hedwig Bollhagen's Marwitz ceramics manufactory that very special something in addition to a touch of nostalgia.