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Cup HB 588 - Decor 043

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Decor 043
Height: 6.0 cm, Weight: 0.27 kg
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Cup HB 588

The coffee cup from Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "588" convinces with its simple and clear shape. With a capacity of only 0.1 liters, the coffee cup, which weighs 270 grams, is six centimeters low and ten centimeters wide, is probably one of the somewhat smaller of its kind. Characteristic of the two-piece set are the conical body of the cup and the slightly upwardly curved rim of the saucer. Towards the bottom, the vessel finds a firm hold in the circular opening of the saucer. And should a small mishap occur during serving and some of the coffee spill over the rim of the vessel, then at least the hot beverage does not drip onto the table. This much is certain, with the coffee cup from Hedwig Bollhagen, the daily coffee ritual can be celebrated in perfect form.