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Cup HB 573 - Decor 123

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Decor 123
Height: 8.5 cm, Length: 15.0 cm, Diameter: 15.0 cm, Volume: 0.2 l, Weight: 0.32 kg
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Cup HB 573

The two-piece cappuccino cup by Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "573" consists of cup and saucer. The thick-walled ceramic cup perfectly insulates the hot beverage inside so that it stays warm longer. With a capacity of 0.2 liters, the 320-gram cappuccino cup is already one of the larger of its kind. The eight-and-a-half-centimeter high vessel is slightly open at the top, leaving enough room for the milk foam. Towards the bottom, the cup finds a secure hold in the circular opening of the saucer (diameter about 15 centimeters). Whether it's a cappuccino, mochaccino or cafe au lait, the cappuccino cup from Hedwig Bollhagen is a stylish way to serve hot drinks of all kinds.