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Cup HB 572 - Decor 007-1

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Decor 007-1
Height: 8.5 cm, Weight: 0.25 kg
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Cup HB 572

The cocoa mug by Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "572" is actually a cup. The conical, upward-opening body and the downward-curving handle are formative. With a diameter of seven centimeters, the eight-and-a-half-centimeter high cocoa cup is almost as wide as it is tall. With a capacity of 0.13 liters, this mug is one of the small but no less fine in the range. One thing is for sure, whether hot chocolate with honey, cinnamon cocoa with cloves or chocolate coffee with cardamom, the 150-gram light cocoa mugs from Hedwig Bollhagen bring out the wintry flavors of the cocoa drinks even more.