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Cup HB 501 - Decor 103

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Decor 103
Height: 5.0 cm, Diameter: 15.0 cm, Volume: 0.17 l, Weight: 0.28 kg
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Cup HB 501

The tea cup from Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "501" delights with its classic, nostalgic design and a design that is rooted in tradition. With a diameter of eleven centimeters, the five-centimeter-low cup is almost twice as wide as it is high - ideal dimensions for a relaxed cup of tea with full-bodied aroma development. Typical for the 170 ml capacity tea cup 501 made of handmade ceramic is a filigree flowing contour. The semicircular handle and the slightly outwardly curved rim ("drinking lip"), which ensures no dripping when drinking, are further unique trademarks. And should a mishap occur during serving, the gently curved saucer is sure to catch anything.