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Juicer HB 488 - Decor 138

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Decor 138
Fayence weiß gelbe Bänder und blaue Striche Glasur glänzend
Height: 12.0 cm, Length: 16.0 cm, Diameter: 16.0 cm, Volume: 0.4 l, Weight: 0.6 kg
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Juicer HB 488

The grapefruit squeezer with the shape number "488" by Hedwig Bollhagen is the big sister of the smaller lemon squeezer 576. Characteristic of the two-piece set is the central pyramid-like, star-shaped ribbed grapefruit squeezer. Holes in the catch basin drain the juice. The cylindrical collecting vessel with the drip-proof snout set outward and the diametrically opposed semicircular handle harmoniously complement the design. With a capacity of 0.4 liters, the twelve-centimeter-high pomelo squeezer has enough volume to fill a cup of vitamin C drink. Whether fruity pomelo, sweet orange or bitter grapefruit, the 488 grapefruit squeezer allows you to prepare the healthy juice quickly and stylishly.