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Jug Manthey 495 - Decor 059

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Decor 059
Height: 27.0 cm, Diameter: 13.5 cm, Volume: 2.0 l, Weight: 1.0 kg
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Jug Manthey 495

The jug with the shape number "495" one of the first pieces in Hedwig Bollhagen's collection in 1937 convinces with its clear, elegant shape. Characteristic is the slightly bulged body in the middle with the wide, open neck. The semi-circular handle, hinged about a centimeter below the top rim, and the diametrically opposed, outward-facing, drip-proof snout round out the timeless design. At 27 centimeters high and 13.5 centimeters wide, the pitcher is twice as tall as it is wide. And with a capacity of two liters, this pitcher is already one of the larger ones in Hedwig Bollhagen's ceramic assortment. Today, a water jug belongs again on every table of a family that wants to combine sustainability with good design.