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Candle sticks HB 211 - Decor 054-101

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Decor 054-101
Height: 16.0 cm, Length: 8.0 cm, Diameter: 8.0 cm, Weight: 0.25 kg
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Candle sticks HB 211

The candlestick by Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "211" creates a pleasant ambience. Whether on the fireplace or windowsill, this ceramic candlestick creates an oasis of comfort. The pear-shaped body and the cone-shaped candle holder are characteristic. With a diameter of eight centimeters and a height of 16 centimeters, the ceramic candlestick is only half as wide as it is high. And with a weight of 250 grams, this lightweight is rather one of the small, but no less fine in the range. Not very heavy, but still stable thanks to the conical base, this stylish candlestick dips any room in a warm light.