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Watering can HB 766 - Decor 007

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Decor 007
Height: 15.0 cm, Width: 11.0 cm, Length: 28.0 cm, Weight: 0.47 kg
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Watering can HB 766

The watering can by Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "766" not only waters the flowers, but also impresses with its simple, plain and functional shape. Characteristic is the bulbous-oval body with the concave inwardly depressed, grippy side walls and the round opening in between for filling the watering can. The ceramic artist has dispensed with a handle. The long, straight pouring spout rounds off the design harmoniously. With a diameter of eleven centimeters and a height of 14 centimeters, the 470 gram ceramic watering can is almost as tall as it is wide. One thing is for sure, this timeless watering can is the eye-catcher on any windowsill.