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Drinking cup HB 485 - Decor 059-1

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Decor 059-1
Height: 8.0 cm, Diameter: 8.0 cm, Volume: 0.2 l, Weight: 0.16 kg
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Drinking cup HB 485

The juice cup by Hedwig Bollhagen with the shape number "485" impresses with its clear, simple and rustic shape. The cone-shaped body, which narrows slightly towards the top, is characteristic. At least as far as the capacity of 0.2 liters is concerned, the juice cup could also be the handleless sister of the Canada cup with the shape number 526. With a diameter of eight centimeters, the equally eight-centimeter-high juice cup is just as tall as it is wide. This much is certain, whether freshly squeezed oranges, green smoothie or tomato juice with pepper and salt, cold drinks of all kinds can be served in style in the 160 gram light ceramic juice cup by Hedwig Bollhagen.