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Juicer HB 576 - Decor 337

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Decor 337
diagonal blue and yellow bands
Height: 8.0 cm, Diameter: 11.0 cm, Volume: 0.2 l, Weight: 0.3 kg
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Juicer HB 576

The lemon squeezer with the shape number "576" by Hedwig Bollhagen is the little sister of the larger grapefruit squeezer 488. Characteristic of the two-piece set is the central pyramid-like, star-shaped ribbed lemon squeezer. Holes in the catch basin drain the juice. The cylindrical collecting vessel with the drip-proof snout set outward and the diametrically opposed, semicircular handle harmoniously complement the design. At eight centimeters high and eleven centimeters wide, the lemon squeezer is almost as tall as it is wide. And with a capacity of 0.2 liters, it is neither too small nor too large. One thing is for sure, with the lemon squeezer from Hedwig Bollhagen, the vitamin C drink can be prepared quickly and, above all, stylishly.