Mocha pots - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

A real mocha pot is simply irreplaceable for the passionate mocha drinker. For a mocha to be a mocha, it must of course be poured with the coffee grounds. This is guaranteed to succeed with the specially made mocha pots from HB. In the 1950s, Hedwig Bollhagen developed her unique mocha pots. In contrast to the conventional coffee pot, the deep-seated grommet allows the mocha to be poured so that nothing stands in the way of mocha nut. But HB would not be HB, if in addition to the practical component was not associated with a visual pleasure for the eyes. The handmade and hand painted ceramic mocha pots are really beautiful and decorative.

The cans impress with their clear lines, elegant shapes and their simple beauty. In our Fayence, Purum, Ritz and Varius collections you will certainly find the right mocha pot for your household. Of course you can also get the right mocha cups and plates for your mocha service. All of our ceramics have been produced in traditional handcraft since 1934. HB, Made in Germany, is now well-known beyond the country's borders and is popular for high-quality and tasteful ceramics.

Are you interested in ceramic production in our traditional workshops? Then we invite you to a factory tour in Marwitz!

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