Coasters - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

Ceramics coasters really are incredibly handy. Who has not experienced the annoying and really unattractive burned marks and traces on the dining table? Well, with coasters that would not have happened! The practical and stylish ceramic coasters from HB absorb the heat perfectly. Besides, they just look good. The pieces from our Fayence and Purum collections convince with their timeless beauty. Very minimalist with clear lines, sometimes a little spot of color, a few dots or a beautiful motif - choose from our online shop the matching coasters for your dining table. It gives your table a certain touch in a simple way. Of course you will find in our extensive range of other practical ceramics for your household. Take a look at our dishes!

The coasters are created like all our ceramics by traditional handwork. Since 1934, we have been producing high-quality and artistic everyday ceramics in our ceramics workshops in Marwitz in a traditional and proven way. The pieces pass through the hands of our ceramic specialists up to 60 times. Each decor is individually painted by hand, making each ceramic unique. The ceramic production from the house HB, Made in Germany, has made a name for itself worldwide.

Are you interested in our traditional ceramic workshops? We would like to invite you to a factory tour in Marwitz!

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