Sugar bowls - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

With the perfect, handmade sugar bowls by Hedwig Bollhagen we bring some sweetness into your life in a stylish way. Sugar must be kept, otherwise it will break. How could that be better than with one of our beautiful ceramic sugar bowls? HB cans meet all requirements for a decorative and practical kitchen accessory. In our Fayence, Purum, Ritz and Varius collections you will find sugar bowls in many sizes and shapes and numerous decorative decors. You can also combine the sugar bowls with other cans and dishes.

A special highlight is of course the sugar bowl by Theodor Bogler. The Bauhaus ceramist designed his bowls as early as the 1920s, and since the foundation of the HB company in 1934, these timeless design classics have been hand-crafted in our ceramic workshops in Marwitz. The ceramic production of HB, Made in Germany, today represents the perfect symbiosis of everyday objects and artistic design. Many design classics from HB can also be admired in museums and collections all over the world.

Are you interested in the traditional ceramic production of HB? Then we invite you to a factory tour in Marwitz!

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Sugar cans

Give us our daily glucose today - sugar is almost as much a part of life as our daily bread. Served in a ceramic sugar bowl, which grandmother could have placed on the table together with a milk jug, sugar is part of the coffee for many people. While you spoon your coffee into a hot drink, you chat about everyday life in a relaxed way. For most people, the social ritual is one of the moments of happiness in everyday relationships. The coffee party is sometimes even more important than the hydration of the body. Because it not only creates conviviality, but also connects.

Hedwig Bollhagen's sugar bowls not only look extremely decorative, but also exude far more than a hint of nostalgia in their country house style. The ceramic artist knew how to combine the country house style with the aesthetics of the Bauhaus. In the Marwitzer Keramik-Manufaktur near Berlin, Hedwig Bollhagen has been creating cups, jugs, pots and vases as well as her sugar bowls since its foundation in 1934, at the latest since 1958. Their focus was on the production of "unique pieces in series", which were produced by almost 100 employees according to their specifications. Many artists from the Bauhaus pottery also worked in the Marwitzer HB workshops and left their mark on the local artistic work, including Werner Burri, Charles Crodel, Waldemar Grzimek, Heidi Manthey and Jürgen von Woyski.

All Sugar Bowl

Not only individualistic fans of the tea ritual, but customers from all over the world appreciate Bollhagen's sugar bowls. With her beautifully shaped candy containers, the ceramic artist has once again proven her distinctive sense of quality and design. A unique feature of Hedwig Bollhagen's sugar bowls is the loving production by hand. Each sugar bowl, which is produced in the ceramic workshops in the small Brandenburg village of Marwitz, is made in up to 60 steps. Whether red flowers, blue bees or stripes in blue-yellow, also the decorations are still painted by hand as once.

The right sugar bowl for every sweetener

Whether granulated sugar, brown whole cane sugar, cube-shaped rock candy or sugar and cinnamon, in the Hedwig Bollhagen Keramik Shop you can choose from a large selection of designer sugar bowls. Our assortment includes small as well as large, rectangular (861) or round (862) sugar bowls. Choose between plain glazed sugar bowls or exceptionally beautiful vintage decorations with stripes, dots, flowers or bees.

You can find sugar bowls in different shapes, sizes, decors and price ranges online in our Hedwig Bollhagen Ceramic Shop. Are you looking for a limited ceramic sugar bowl in white for your coffee party? Or should it be a sugar bowl suitable for a certain service? You can buy a sugar bowl online in the Hedwig Bollhagen Keramik Shop. Order sugar bowls from our extensive faience series - and have the sugar bowl delivered to your front door.

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