Deep plates - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

You need deep plates for your soup, the morning cereals and certainly also for a delicious raspberry ice cream with custard, which is comfortably eaten in front of the TV. The deep plates by Hedwig Bollhagen are not only practical, versatile and easy to clean. They are also extremely decorative. Have a look in the online shop of HB. In our extensive Fayence, Purum, Ritz and Varius collections you will find dozens of deep plates in all sizes and shapes, patterns and colors. And we do not just have deep plates in our assortment. Maybe you would like to bring your kitchen utensils up to date. Flat dinner plates, dinner plates, pasta plates - At HB you will find countless, tastefully and stylishly designed plates for every occasion!

All our ceramics are made in traditional craftsmanship. Every deep dish goes up to 60 times through the hands of our ceramic specialists. The elaborate decors are applied individually, making every piece unique. The traditional and high-quality ceramic production of HB, Made in Germany, has earned itself an excellent reputation all over the world. Many of our ceramics are exhibited today in international museums and collections.

Would you like to know more about our ceramic production? Then we would like to invite you to a factory tour of the HB-Werkstätten in Marwitz!

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Deep plates for soups salads or desserts

Deep plates simply belong to the set table, how else do we want to enjoy all the other delicious desserts?Whether the Caesar on a salad plate, borscht on a soup plate, spaghetti on a pasta plate or the warm fruit strudel with vanilla sauce on a plate, with the deep ceramic plates from Hedwig Bollhagen variety and good mood come to the table.

Deep plates in series, form 223 was added to Hedwig Bollhagen's portfolio immediately after its foundation in 1934. In the ceramic manufactory in Marwitz, Brandenburg, the ceramic artist created numerous plates in addition to her services, tins and "Töppen" until her death in 2001. From dessert plates and fondue plates to breakfast plates and children's plates to pasta plates, pizza plates and soup plates - the "unique pieces in series" are still produced and painted by hand to this day according to Bollhagen's designs and specifications. The ceramists, some of whom are still personally trained by Bollhagen, take the plates in their hands up to 60 times before they can go on sale.

Dishes good, everything good

The plates with their attractive decors are a joy to eat and bring a good mood to the table. From blue (117) or red floral (118) to blue-white (137) or yellow-blue (138) striped to boldly patterned à la Bienchen (159), Vergissmeinnicht (121) or bellflowers (122): An extensive decor palette, the mix of different shapes and sizes as well as endless possibilities for combining make the plates from Hedwig Bollhagen so special.

Manufactured by hand, cleaned and painted and elaborately scratched with needles, each plate is a unique piece. The ceramic plates, however, share one characteristic. Each individual food plate is intended for courageous, multifunctional use in everyday life. Once again, gather your friends around a bubbling fondue pot: The dessert plate (1065) with a diameter of 15 centimeters is Hedwig Bollhagen's smallest series plate, but has what it takes to become both a cake plate and a fondue plate. Or put a smile on Junior's face. The breakfast plate (502) with a diameter of 20 centimetres is not only available as a classic vintage-look bread plate, but also as a children's plate in many fun decors. The flat food plate (123) as well as the deep soup plate (223) with each of their 23 centimetres in diameter belong to the absolute must-have in the kitchen buffet. The dinner plates are not only suitable as cheese plates or sausage plates, but also as menu plates or salad plates for serving starters or side dishes. When it comes to size, however, the place plate (129) has the edge. With a diameter of 29 centimetres, the flat dinner plate can be used both as a pizza plate and a decorative plate.

A deep plate for all occasions

Little earthenware is as flexible in its use as Hedwig Bollhagen's ceramic plate. One thing is for sure, every plate by Hedwig Bollhagen is unique. Whether plate service or breakfast plate set, dinner plate white or coloured, flowered, striped or dotted, their timeless aesthetics with all the different, elaborately hand-painted decorations in the country house style lend every plate a touch of nostalgia as well as a very special something. From cake plates, bread plates or fondue plates to children's plates, bread plates and breakfast plates to menu plates, pasta plates or salad plates - in the Hedwig Bollhagen Keramik Shop you can choose from a large selection of handmade ceramic plates.

Plates in different shapes, sizes, decors and price ranges can be found online in our Hedwig Bollhagen Ceramic Shop. Are you looking for a limited deco plate in the precious Ritz decor? Or should it be a dinner plate or a deep plate in faience decor matching a certain service? Or rather a small, practical dessert plate set to give away? You can buy plates conveniently online in the Hedwig Bollhagen Ceramic Shop. Order series plates and plate sets from our extensive collections Faience and Ritz, Purum and Varius - and have the plates delivered directly to your front door.

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