Pizza plates - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

A kitchen without a pizza plate is unimaginable! We Germans love Italian food and especially pizza. And a delicious, real Italian pizza does not fit on any ordinary plate. The stylish ceramic plates by Hedwig Bollhagen are available in 27 cm and 33 cm diameters. Problem solved! In addition, the ceramic keeps your pizza warm longer than ordinary plates. So nothing stands in the way of real pizza. As the eye knows, you can choose your favorite pizza plate from our Fayence, Purum, Ritz and Varius collections. Especially beautiful are the elaborate black and white Ritz decors. But you will also find elegant single-colored or colorful decorated pizza plates in our online shop and also other useful products in our crockery range.

Whatever you decide, with the pizza plates from HB you are always right. The handmade and hand-painted plates are simply a feast for the eyes. Our ceramic specialists handle each plate around 60 times until they are satisfied with the result. Quality and tradition have been the trademarks of HB-Werkstätten since 1934 in Marwitz, just outside Berlin. Finest handcraft, Made in Germany, has made our ceramics known worldwide.

Are you interested in the traditional ceramic production of HB? Then we would like to invite you to a factory tour!

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Pizzas only feel comfortable on hand-rolled stoneware Pizza plates

Of course, the 27cm and 33cm large plates are just as popular as a starter plate, as a cake plate or as a place plate. Table ideas for table culture. Dishwasher-safe and microwave-proof, the question nevertheless arises as to whether one should not rinse by hand the unique piece that was made by hand? The glaze will be grateful. As with any other glass.

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