Piggy banks - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

Not only children love piggy banks! The cute and decorative ceramic piggy banks by Hedwig Bollhagen delight young and old. Kids just enjoy putting coins in a money box. Joy is great if after a long time the piggy bank is emptied and the small fortune can be admired. The adults appreciate the ceramic piggy banks especially as beautiful home accessories. The piggy banks of HB are also wonderful gifts, for example, for a wedding or for a housewarming party. By the way: If you slaughter your piggy bank in the traditional way and smash it, you will receive a 50 percent discount from us when you buy the next one. Just add a photo of the destroyed piggy bank to the order!

Of course, the piggy banks of HB are too good a deal to smash them. Each piggy bank is individually made by hand from the finest ceramics. The beautiful, colorful decors of our Fayence, Purum, and Varius collections are also applied by hand. So every piggy bank is unique! Since 1934, we have been producing world-class ceramics in our traditional ceramics workshops just outside Berlin. The products from Bollhagen enjoy great international popularity and stand for tradition and quality, Made in Germany.

Are you interested in seeing our traditional ceramics production up close? Then you are cordially invited to a factory tour with us in Marwitz!

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