Pasta plates - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

A delicious, homemade pasta course, on a nice pasta plate. The eye finally eats! And how could you better present a tasty pasta than on one of HB's beautiful ceramic pasta plates? No matter what you cooked. Classic spaghetti, a delicious penne-spinach casserole or pappardelle with a strong ragout - we have the right pasta dish for every dish. Take a look at our extensive range in our online shop. Here you will find pasta plates in many shapes and sizes. Decorated with different decors of our Fayence, Purum, Ritz and Varius collections. If you need something else for your next pasta dinner, you will also find practical and decorative dishes, countless plates, cups, jugs and the like.

Since the founding of the company in 1934, we have been manufacturing our products in traditional handcraft in our ceramic workshops in Marwitz. The ceramic production of HB, Made in Germany, today stands for the perfect symbiosis of practical everyday objects and artistic design. Many of our pieces can be admired in museums and collections around the world.

Are you interested in the traditional ceramic production of HB? Then we invite you to a factory tour in Marwitz!

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Handmade pasta dishes of earthenware

Whether Pesto Napoli, Arrabiata or Bolognese, whether with truffle sauce or salmon - a treat for the senses on the handmade pasta plate of the HB manufactory in Marwitz.

They also like to use the deep plate HB-482 as a soup plate for a starter or as a salad plate next to the main course.

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