Onion pots - handmade in the HB Werkstätten für Keramik

The onion pots of Hedwig Bollhagen belong in every household. Because who can do without onions or garlic? Both can be perfectly stored in our practical and very decorative ceramic onion pots. The pots have a lid and air holes to keep the onions and garlic for a long time. You can choose between 14 and 17 cm high onion pots. The decors of our Fayence, Purum and Varius collections impress with their simple elegance, their clean lines and shapes and tasteful patterns. Our specialists produce all onion pots in the finest handcraft and also paint the elaborate decors individually and by hand.

Hedwig Bollhagen is committed to traditional ceramics. Since 1934 we conscientiously and meticulously manufacture by hand and in a traditional way, in our products in the HB ceramic workshops in Marwitz. HB, Made in Germany, has earned the reputation of being a global brand and is equally popular with customers and ceramic lovers around the world. Many of our pieces are considered design classics today and can be found in many international collections and museums.Have we sparked your interest in ceramic production? Then we would like to invite you to a factory tour of our traditional manufactory in tranquil Marwitz.

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Onion pots - decorative and functional

If onions or garlic are stored decoratively and gently as tubers in an onion pot, the glaze is only a formality.

Pottery - production of onion pot in the manufactory

The ceramic onion pot is turned in the HB workshops and then carefully cleaned. The important air holes are individually punched by the lathe operator by hand in the pumps, as the pot has been called for decades, because this is the only way the air can circulate. The lockable, stylish stoneware storage pot prevents the tubers from germinating, but also from waterlogging - the safer storage place for tasty leek plants within easy reach. A special kind of crockery.

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