Jam jars - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

The jam jars by Hedwig Bollhagen are a highlight for every breakfast table. These original and decorative ceramic jars conjure up a touch of nostalgia in your kitchen. Jars remind of the good old days. You feel transported back to the breakfast table of the grandparents. How could delicious, homemade jars be better presented than in a beautiful jam jars? So it's definitely time for a renaissance of jam jars. In our online shop you will find dozens of tasty jam jars from our Fayence, Ritz and Varius collections. Sometimes minimalist and monochrome, sometimes colorfully decorated, but always elegant. Classic cottage style meets the design of the Weimar Bauhaus. We can guarantee you will find something for your taste.

In our ceramic manufactory in Marwitz proven experts manufacture since 1934 in traditional handwork our precious ceramics. Each one is painted by hand and is an absolutely unique piece. Customers and ceramic lovers all over the world enjoy the practical and artistic pieces. The jam cans by HB, Made in Germany, perfectly reflect the synthesis of traditional ceramics and real handicrafts. To ensure that the jam cans are not left alone on the table, you can easily combine them with other products from the kitchenware and kitchen utensils sector.

Why not visit our traditional workshops in Marwitz during a factory tour. We are happy to show you how our ceramics are made!

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Ceramic jam jars by Hedwig Bollhagen

Decorate your breakfast table with a jam tin from Hedwig Bollhagen. The wonderful boxes of the brand Hedwig Bollhagen are not made of glass but of ceramic material. The jam tin has a lid, so the homemade jam, marmalade or jelly is well protected from wasps and other insects.

But who says that only sweet spreads can be stored in our tins? For example, use our tins as a sugar bowl. Just try it out.

Different jam tins are waiting for you

Let yourself be inspired by our different decors and variations of our jam jars. Choose from over 16 different decors. Should you not be able to decide, put several jam tins in our shopping cart. The delivery is fast and safe.

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