Fruit bowls - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

You can always use a few beautiful fruit bowls. After all, we all eat fruit every day. At least we should. So what could be better than presenting the fruits in a tasteful fruit bowl? It not only increases the desire for vitamins, but is also visually pleasant. The ceramic fruit bowls by Hedwig Bollhagen are really an absolute eye-catcher on the kitchen or living room table. The shapely fruit bowls decorated with imaginative and elegant decors from the Fayence, Purum, Ritz and Varius collections are real little works of art.

The combination of everyday objects and art was very important to Hedwig Bollhagen. Our fruit bowls are an example of this successful symbiosis. Since 1934, our high-quality ceramics are all individually hand-made and painted by proven ceramic experts. Made in Germany, in the ceramic workshops in Marwitz today is a globally recognized quality seal. We feel committed to that and you can see that in our fruit bowls. Their timeless and stylish aesthetics make them true ceramic classics. Of course you can also combine your fruit bowls with other ceramics. How about, for example, a matching decanter for the table or another design classic?

Are you interested in our traditional ceramic production? Then we would like to invite you to a factory tour in our workshops in Marwitz. We are looking forward to your visit!

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