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Bollhagen Nachhaltigkeit

According to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, #PlasticFree is a hashtag that is used more frequently in Germany than anywhere else. Environmental protection and sustainability are therefore particularly important to the Germans. Apart from a few rubber sealing rings, our ceramics do not require any plastic. For us, however, sustainability goes much further and is actually part of the DNA of a manufacturer that has not only successfully survived an economy of scarcity. Our raw materials come from Germany, our most important component is the clay, a natural product that comes from the Westerwald. The clay slip for our hand casting process is obtained from it. The excess is always fed back into the production cycle. Our employees who work with him come from the immediate vicinity, many of them by bike, of course. Our ceramics are made exclusively by human hands in Marwitz and only leave the historic workshops for our end customers, without detours via East Asia or other low-wage countries. All of this in packaging that we have been using for decades, whenever possible. Ceramic storage jars, which our customers are increasingly replacing with plastic, have been an integral part of Hedwig Bollhagen's range for many decades, and their recent success shows us that we are on the right track. Sustainability is a necessity for us because it not only protects our environment and people, but is also a question of modern economy, which can make it possible to preserve our Marwitz site with its historic workshops.