Design vases - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

The design vases by Hedwig Bollhagen are not just vases. These exquisite ceramics are craftsmanship in perfected form. Get such a work of art in your apartment. With or without flowers – in the end it does not matter much. The handmade and hand-painted design vases are a top-class decoration. Developed over 80 years ago by Hedwig Bollhagen himself, the vases have since enjoyed great popularity with design enthusiasts around the world. Hundreds of design vases in all sizes, shapes and patterns are just waiting for you. The decors of our Fayence, Purum and Varius collections impress with their simple elegance, their clean lines and shapes and tasteful patterns. Our ceramic experts individually produce the elaborate decors by hand.

The traditional and high-quality production of the design vases, their aesthetics, their classic forms and decors are second to none. Only in the HB ceramic workshops near Berlin can be found these unique design classics. Classic styles meet modernity, proven traditions meet innovation. Tradition and quality - this is what our ceramic production stands for since 1934. HB, Made in Germany, is today a globally recognized seal for high-quality, timeless and artistic ceramics.

Come by for a factory tour in our traditional ceramics factory in Marwitz. We are happy to show you how real craftsmanship arises!

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