Cylinder vases - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

The cylinder vases of Hedwig Bollhagen are really striking. With their elegant shapes and decorative embellishments they are an absolute highlight of our extensive range of vases. We manufacture the cylinder vases exclusively by hand. Each decor of the Purum, Ritz and Varius collections is individually hand-applied by our ceramists. The stylish cylinder vases are not only extremely practical and decorative flower vases, but each one in itself a small piece of art. Presented in a showcase or grouped together, the ceramic cylinder vases give their home a very special touch.

You can also combine the cylinder vases with other vases and pieces from our deco assortment. All our ceramics are manufactured in the finest handcraft. Just as it has been a tradition at Hedwig Bollhagen since 1934. The ceramic production made by HB. Made in Germany, represents the perfect symbiosis of everyday use and timeless design. Our high quality and decorative ceramics are collected and exhibited in many cities such as New York, Paris and Berlin.

Would you like to know more about HB's traditional ceramic production? Then come to a factory tour in Marwitz. We are happy to show you how real craftsmanship is created!

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Cylinder vases by Hedwig Bollhagen

You can never have enough vases. And an exciting cylinder vase should not be missing in any showcase. Because with eccentric vases you can set very good accents. In addition, a beautiful cylinder vase really enhances an exotic flower. That's why you should always imagine flowers and vases as a single arrangement. There are no basic rules when putting them together. Of course the size should fit approximately. And a cylindrical vase is perfect for a long-stemmed flower.

From small cylindrical vases for the first early bloomers to large, cylindrical bottom vases to Design-Vases in graded cylindrical form - the hand-made cylindrical vases by Hedwig Bollhagen complete every vase collection. The earthenware vessels from the Purum and Ritz collections even belong to the same colour family and therefore harmonise perfectly with each other. The transparent glaze on the pure clay of the Purum vases corresponds to the same ivory shine that shimmers in the hand-carved decors of the black decorative vases from the Ritz collection. But even very different vases can look great together with a cylinder vase from Hedwig Bollhagen. The spirit of combination is inexhaustible, not only with regard to the cylindrical vases, but also with regard to the flowers. And one thing is for sure, the beautifully shaped cylindrical vases make every forsythia, rose hip or fir branch something very special.

Cylindrical vases, cylindrical vases, cylindrical vases

The cylinder vases by Hedwig Bollhagen are a celebration for vase collectors. In the showcase, a Bollhagen vase attracts attention, inspires the spirit on the secretary, and exudes a sublime charm on the mantelpiece. The exquisite ceramics not only lend the ambience that special something, but the elegant cylindrical vases are also suitable for everyday use. And: similar to the Bauhaus, form follows function. A cylindrical vase can be a vessel for a rose as well as for incense or incense sticks. What's more, their timeless elegance with strictly geometric patterns make every Hedwig Bollhagen ceramic vase a unique specimen of stable value.

The ligature of Hedwig Bollhagen has long since gained a place and name in the international ceramic world. "HB" - the initials of Hedwig Bollhagen - associate connoisseurs with a successful synthesis of art and craftsmanship. Loved as stoneware, valued as a collector's item and investment. In art metropolises such as Paris, Amsterdam or Prague, HB cylinder vases are in great demand in galleries and antique shops.

For every flower the right cylinder vase

Flowered, striped, dotted, retro in soberly restrained ivory or exquisite and precious in sgraffito scratch decor: In the Hedwig Bollhagen Online Shop you can choose from a large selection of cylindrical vases. Whether square or conical roller shape, only a single cylindrical vase or several cylindrical vases in a set - you are spoilt for choice.

The assortment of our HB vases includes minivases as well as opulent floor vases in cylindrical form, large and small cylindrical vases as table decoration, but also red, blue or white earthenware vessels. You can find cylindrical vases in various shapes, sizes, decors and price ranges online in our Hedwig Bollhagen Vase Shop. Are you looking for a limited cylinder vase for collectors? Should it be rather a simple vase, which you can also use as a incense container? Anyway, you can buy cylinder vases online in the Hedwig Bollhagen Shop. Order cylindrical ceramic vases that are as timeless as they are modern - and have them delivered directly to your front door.

Flower vases - with style

Vintage, puristic or opulent, order high-quality handmade ceramic flower vases, individually combinable earthenware vessels and hand-painted vases for individual flowers or exquisite, precious collector's items from our extensive collections Fayencen and Ritz and Varius.

An empty wine bottle, the large drinking glass or the bright red wiping bucket also supply bouquets with water. But such a flower composition has nothing to do with a stylish presentation. Hedwig Bollhagen's hand-made and hand-painted flower vases fulfil both of these requirements: the high-quality ceramics are not only suitable for everyday use, but are also elegant and classic. Their timeless aesthetics with their geometric patterns, organic and angular shapes or the elaborately handcrafted Sgraffito Ritz decors make every flower vase by Hedwig Bollhagen a value-stable unique specimen.

The initials of Hedwig Bollhagen have long since conquered their place in the international ceramics world. Connoisseurs associate the HB ligature with a successful synthesis of art and craftsmanship. With stations in Moscow, Shanghai, Taiwan and America, the Bollhagen ceramics already went on a big tour as part of the fair "Handmade in Germany". In art metropolises such as Amsterdam, Munich or Prague, HB ceramic vases are highly traded in galleries and antique shops. The handmade flower vases by Hedwig Bollhagen are more in demand than ever - even in luxury hotels: The Four Seasons on Trinity Square in London or the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills have already ordered the flower vases by Hedwig Bollhagen to decorate their President Suites.

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