Cake stand - handmade in the HB-Werkstätten für Keramik

Cake stand are often used at weddings. In fact, however, the multi-storey cake stand by Hedwig Bollhagen can be a highlight at any ceremony. It is not only the wedding cake who needs to be served appropriately but also cakes and pastries of every kind. Even fruit and ice cream can be served very tastefully with the help of a cake stand. Whenever you have something to celebrate and want to present something unusual to your guests, the handmade cake stand made of the finest stoneware is there to be used. Ceramic has an unbeatable advantage over other materials. It keeps your delicacies cool and warm at the same time. In addition, it is very robust and can be cleaned well. In our online shop you will find cake stand in many designs. You can also combine the cake stand wonderfully with matching cups and plates.

Our cake stands are traditionally made by hand at the HB Keramik-Werkstätten in Marwitz. With their tasteful colors, clear shapes and lines, the cake stand enhances every table decoration. The decors from the Ritz and Varius collections are applied in meticulous handwork on the cake stand. Since 1934 we manufacture our ceramics in a traditional way. HB, Made in Germany, has earned itself the reputation of being a global brand and is equally popular with customers and ceramic lovers all over the world.

In our factory in Marwitz you can experience how traditional ceramic art is created. We would like to invite you to a factory tour of our traditional ceramics workshops.

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